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Honest, professional, prompt heating system installation, maintenance, and repair.

The Toyotomi/Oil Miser water heaters are on-demand, which means there is no costly storage of hot water until it is needed. Like all Toyotomi products they are safe, reliable, and easy to install.

  • Save Money and Save Energy
  • Only Heat Water When You Need It
  • Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again
  • Economical: Some consumers have reduced hot water heating costs by up to 50%
  • No costly storage of hot water when it is not needed
  • Heat up to 240 gallons per hour
  • Consistent water temperature
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 88% efficient
  • Proven trouble-free performance
  • Safe: ETL and CETL home and mobile home approved
  • Direct vent or chimney vent
  • Small, compact size
  • Limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY