585 Calef Hwy, Ste 5, Barrington, NH  03825

Honest, professional, prompt heating system installation, maintenance, and repair.

Ultra-efficient - 87%
Direct-vent heater
Heats 1250-1500 sq. ft.


Attractive, antique-finished cabinet with ceramic simulated logs for rustic or residential setting.  Perfect for cottage/cabin, living room, family room or any room.

  • Sealed, direct-vented system means no drafts, no chimney, no special duct work, or special construction
  • Compact Size
  • Contemporary Design
  • "Set Back" Thermostat (Laser- 56/60AT/73/73AT)
  • 24 Hours a Day Automatic
  • 4 Cycle Burner Mode
  • 24 Hours AM/PM Timer (Laser- 56/60AT/73/73AT)
  • "Shut-Off' Safety System
  • Cool Top Cabinet
  • Display Room Temperature, Set Temperature and Error Code
  • Automatic Ignitor Cleaning System
  • Only 3" Hole in Wall Needed for Flue Pipe
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Safe: CETL home and mobile home listed
  • Easy to operate